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The Jewelry Set that broke the internet!

Amanda P

September 1, 2021

The Paris Heart Pendant Jewelry Set is worn by 100,000+ women worldwide!

Jewelry is a way to express yourself and the right jewelry will even get you tons of compliments.

However every time I’d shop for jewelry, whether it’s online or at my local Water Tower Place mall in Chicago, the prices would really baffle me. A single necklace or bracelet for $100? Please.

One day after work, I was scrolling through my Facebook and I came across this jewelry set from a brand called Verano Hill.

The set was called The Paris Heart Pendant Jewelry Set and it really caught my eye. In the video, there were many women wearing the set talking about how stunning it is. Also the post had tons of comments from customers that ordered giving good reviews about it. My initial thought was that it would be overpriced like other brands but after reading the comments, I decided to check out the set on the website anyway.

To my surprise, the set was only $59 and it was on sale for 50% off! I couldn’t believe it. A necklace and bracelet set for half the price as purchasing just a necklace alone from other brands. In excitement and because of the free shipping promo, I placed my order for the gold set.

Week later, the package showed up at my doorstep.

The packaging was definitely the most luxurious I have ever received. It felt like I ordered something for thousands of dollars! The package included gorgeous wrapping paper, a care advice booklet, an authenticity certificate, a warranty card, and a jewelry box that had the set inside. The package also included two free gifts, an anti-tarnish cloth, and a travel bag. I felt like a child on Christmas morning while I was unboxing.

Now it was time to open the jewelry box and see if the set was justified by the reviews… it definitely was.

The set looked like it could of been priced for a thousand dollars! The quality was beyond my wildest expectations! The bracelet and necklace both had cz diamonds that sparkled like the stars in the sky. I put the set on and I couldn’t believe how I looked in the mirror.

The next day was my best friend’s birthday party and I decided to wear the set to her dinner party. It was at a fancy restaurant called Oriole. I wore the set with my favorite black dress.

All night long, my friends were complimenting me and said they were going to get the exact same set! Even strangers in the restaurant I never knew were looking at me. The way the cz diamonds sparkled in the light, made me feel like a million bucks.

I wish I never told my friends and kept Verano Hill my little secret. I have ordered many sets from them and I am yet to be disappointed. I also found out they offer 6 month warranty on their items and also have Afterpay that lets you pay after you receive your order. Verano Hill is definitely a gem and I'm super grateful for their jewelry.

How do I get The Paris Heart Pendant Jewelry Set?

Warning - This set is in high demand and has already sold out once.

Worn by 100,000+ worldwide