About Us

Verano Hill was established for the sole purpose of disrupting the over-priced jewelry industry. We sought out to figure out why everyday jewelry was priced at ridiculously high markups. We realized that these jewelry brands had a 4-part system of getting the jewelry to to the consumer as shown below. The traditional method results in higher costs to operate which leads to higher prices offered to the consumer.

By offering our jewelry exclusively online and shipping directly to you, we are able to cut back on costs and pass all the savings to you!

Our Mission

Verano Hill was founded on the belief that quality should not be defined by price. Our mission is to provide premium jewelry but without the premium price tag.

Customer Experience

Customer service is highly emphasized at Verano Hill. We do our best to over deliver by offering high quality products for affordable prices, 24/7 customer service, 6-month warranty, free shipping, remarkable packaging, 30-day money back guarantee, and follow up emails after you receive your order to guarantee satisfaction. We want to assure your shopping experience at Verano Hill is nothing less than amazing.


We work with the finest jewellers the world has to offer. All our stones and metals are ethically sourced and handcrafted from high-performance material. The metals we use are sterling silver, copper, platinum, stainless steel and rhodium.

The Unboxing Experience

"I've recently been going through a difficult time in life. When I unboxed my jewelry, I had a rare smile on my face that it feels like I haven't had in ages".
- Myra B

"I've ordered from many jewelry brands online and none of them come close to Verano Hill's packaging".
- Sheila W

“The Verano Hill packaging is absolutely beautiful! The unboxing is a whole experience in itself, which beautifully compliments the luxurious pieces”.
- Amanda S

“The packaging is so beautiful! It’s done so perfectly! Super luxurious and well protected too!”
- Melissa D